Daniel Ketchum

Daniel Ketchum is an American pianist and composer. He first became interested in playing the piano around the age of 12 when he asked his parents for piano lessons. At the age of 14 he moved to the small town of Boulder, Utah where the lack of piano teachers didn't stop him. He kept playing and writing beautiful piano music and took part in music competitions. Music is Daniel's passion. His greatest ambition is to combine his love of composing music with his beliefs in natural healing. To date he has release numerous albums, singles and generated well over 100 million streams across music platforms.
Some musicians have the ability to transport you to a place of mystery and wonder. A place where imagination takes over and you find yourself saturated by the emotions that the musician feels while composing their work. Follow along with Daniel as he takes you on this type of journey where reality fades away and mesmerizing poems of piano notes wisp you off to a place of musical bliss.

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